The rollercoaster of Week 2

Or: the Montaña Rochelle of half-training.

This week had its ups and downs.

RSD 65

Monday started off with one of the worst runs in recent (and distant) memory.  A relatively early sprint session that I really didn’t want to do, but decided to stick to the program and put in the effort before I headed off to Port Aventura for some real montaña rusa fun.

Lesson learned ….

Even if a run sucks, it’s better to have done it than put it off till the next day. Barring injury or something dire.

RSD 65

Rochelle’s Day 6. Tempo running on the sun (yes, that’s the correct preposition).

The boy who says not to change the program has gone and changed the program. The rationale being: it’s okay to move things up when needed.

For example, I needed a few miles today to hit my goal of 80 miles for the month, so I did Wednesday’s tempo run on Tuesday.  Legs were super tired after Monday’s sprints and then 10 miles of wandering around the amusement park, but I did it.

Not quite hitting my 8:35 tempo pace, but doing the best I can in today’s circumstances.  Tomorrow I really need to rest … an easy one and done and no need to push (which was exactly what Wed’s RSD 66 turned out to be).

Lessons learned …

Be flexible when you need to, don’t overdo when you don’t have it in you … but don’t not try.  As long as you try, you’re going to get to where you need to be.

RSD 67

It was still Bikram hot outside so I took Rochelle to the dreadmill today.

But before that, I played statistics boy and went online to a training pace calculator and sorted out tempo / sprint paces and then did conversions etc to come up with targets.

Fastest “speed form” training pace for a 1:55 half (wishful thinking, I’ll be happy to break 2 hours) is 7:05 min/mile. That’s about 8.5 on a US tread / 13.6 in metric.

I hit 14.5 on the last sprint (which is 9.0 US or 6:40 min/mile).

I am super pleased with this. New goal is to be able to hit 10.1 US / 16.2 Metric … just for the short sprints. That’d get me under 6min/mile sprints.

Nice to finish a workout and feel like you nailed it.

Not to worry, I know she’ll get me back soon.

Lesson learned … 

I’m faster than I thought I was, as least on the treadmill.  I couldn’t hit those speeds in the past, and I know I’ll be able to go faster in the future.  Trust. The. Process.

RSD 68

A quick one and done on the dreadmill and some weights.

RSD 69

An easy(ish) five miles for Rochelle’s Day 8.  Pace not as consistent as I’d like, but that takes time. And putting in the effort early in the day, even in this RIDICULOUS heat, gives you a sense of accomplishment.  I may not be hitting my nutrition goals for the #revolution40for40 transformation but I’m really pleased with my running.

Lesson learned …

It’s okay not to do it all.  And it’s okay to have a plan and stick to it as best you can.  Tired legs recover and you keep on keeping on.  You can’t have good days without bad days … and there are way too many cliches.

Two weeks, down. 12 more to go.  A sub-2-hour half is totally going to happen.


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