One down, 13 to go

That’s a wrap on Week 1.  I’ll do Week 2 then start over, as I’m doing a 12-week program over 14 weeks.

The stats:

  • Four official programmed runs: 16.67 miles (Run 4 was way longer than prescribed, but whatever)
  • Total mileage for the week (7 days, #keepthestreak, #rwrunstreak): 20.98
  • Avg page for the week: 10:00/mile (I have no idea if this is going to be relevant, given the speedwork, tempos, and increasingly long endurance runs, but it should be interesting to track.

I need to clean up the formatting on the above, but … another day. 

Some take aways from the week:

  • I’m super stoked to be doing this program with Rochelle.  I know I’m going to have to work hard, but I know it’s going to give me the results I’m after. I went longer than scheduled (and planned) last night and discovered my slow-ish easy run pace was a bit faster than the Corre Barri I did in October 2016.  Let’s see how I do in the next one … scheduled two weeks before my half.
  • I’ve already started bargaining with myself. That’s gotta stop and I just need to get out and do what’s on the books.  Even if that means going out tomorrow morning at what-the-hell o’clock because I’m headed to Port Aventura on a 9.13 train.
  • I’ve already found myself thinking, “okay I’ve got this pace, but I’ll NEVER be able to hold that for 2 hours.” Need to acknowledge those thoughts and just let them go. If I said it once during the 10k training, I said it a hundred times … “Trust. The. Process.”
  • My knee started getting twingey last night, and bugged me to the point of not being able to do the stairmaster today after one-and-done (RSD 64) on the treadmill.

Week 2 … bring it on!

Questions, comments, doubts?

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