Saturday surprises

RSD 63

I was supposed to do about a 40-minute easy pace endurance run.  I knew I wanted to get in at least 5 miles, because I’m trying to hit 80 miles for the month and the more I did Saturday night, the less I’d have to do over the next couple days (one of which is supposed to be a rest day, but the streak is the streak).

So I did Rochelle’s track, then paused the FrickBit and cued up a running playlist on Spotify.  My right kneecap said, “nope, I don’t think so” when I started back up, but after about 20 yards of favoring it, the twinge went away.  Sort of.  This does not bode well.

Got to what should’ve been the finish and needed a little bit more to go to hit 5.

Got to 5 and thought, well, why not 6? My knee was back on form and I felt like I could keep going and when I got to 6 about 6 I said, why not just make it a 10k?

And I’m glad I did.  Especially because, after looking up some past race times, I was surprised to discover that my “easy running pace” (not a jog) was a little bit faster than the race pace Corre Barri in October 2016.  Let’s see how I do in the next one, which is scheduled two weeks before my half.  These Aaptiv programs really do the trick.

A nice finish to the week’s 4 programmed runs, now let’s just see what I do for my rest day (at least one … streak rules and all) and how next week stacks up.

I feel pretty good about it all right now.

Questions, comments, doubts?

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