Empecemos de nuevo

Okay … I started running again after last year’s failed attempt to get into the swing of things for the Barcelona half.  So now that I’m running, I guess I’ll start writing about it.

Made this happen a while back.  I’ve even booked the hotel. #priorities

Did this yesterday. A PB / MMP … shaved a bit off Bombers with not too much running but a lot of cross-training (spinning and padel).

Did this last month.  A surprisingly good (for me) PB / MMP

Official training doesn’t start until July 22 (waiting on a new 14-week 10k-half training program from my friends at Aaptiv.  But that gives me plenty of time to build up a stronger base, get a little faster and play with some longer slow runs.

And then there’s this, which started today and I felt so incredibly sluggish that I thought … how can I even think about 13.1 miles?  But this shall pass.  Post-1ok partum, I suppose.  And my legs hurt.




So, yeah, I guess I’m a runner again. Even though I don’t really feel like it today (nor do I really feel like a writer, but I’m doing that as well … just with a different project today … well, I’m supposed to be but doing this instead).

We shall see.

T-152 days