Cross-train (not to be confused with Crossfit)

Yonder program says today is a x-train day, and the weather is a bit shit, so it was off to Cool Cycling for a spin class.

Yonder Fitbit says it was a decent workout.  500 calories in less than an hour.  I told Will (yonder instructor) we should aim for un mil calorías during the class, but I guess I’m happy with half of that. 😉

Yeah, I could have gone to the gym or done something on my one. But here’s the thing about going to a class:  I end up working harder than I would if I were doing something solo.  And when I thought I’d my limit today, he nudged me on not only with the usual ¡aguanta!, but today there was, “Sí, puedes, Bob … puedes.”

I wan’t so sure, but it seems he knew better.

I felt a little bad about going today, knowing I’d be the only one in the class, but turns out a 1-2-1 spin class isn’t so bad. He’s working as hard as I am (not like a trainer who you pay to count and hand you weights, not that there’s anything wrong with that.   I don’t mind teaching 1-2-1; in fact, I enjoy those classes.  But when you’re expecting a group and there’s only one person … it can be a weird dynamic.

But there we were, and the task was before us.  Work hard, feel like dying, feel better for doing it once it’s over.

Afterwards, he told me he enjoys the classes with only one or two students.  Why?  He says he gets the chance to really focus on them and pay attention to how they’re doing and what they need.

So, thanks for the focus. It was the hardest I’ve  been pushed in a spin class here in Barcelona, and he upped the choreography from what I have had in other sessions.  I guess he’ll be teaching Zumba spin soon.  Y’all come and watch me spin right off of yonder bike. Comedy cardio.

61 days to go.  I guess I actually will have to get out and run tomorrow.

Questions, comments, doubts?

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